Mobile Cone Crusher

Mobile cone crusher, is a popular mobile crushing plant for people in mining and construction industry who want to get end products with cubical shape and high quality. is not limited by the working site, and reduces high transportation cost. It can crush materials on site or nearby. It is very suitable for dealing with open-pit mines. In spite of complicate conditions in the quarry, mobile cone crushers can overcome those limitations, and give play to advantages in the mining industry.

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Widely Application of mobile cone Crusher

Mobile cone crusher is mainly used as secondary crusher for fineness crushing. The series mobile cone crusher can be widely used for crushing and screening in many areas such as road construction, building, metallurgical, recycling and energy industries, etc.It offers high efficient and low cost project plan without environment limit for the client.

mobile Cone Crusher Benefits and advantages

  1. Equipped with efficient cone crusher, it has excellent crushing performance.
  2. Optimized crushing cavity can significantly increase crushing ratio and output.
  3. It features great production capacity, high reliability, easy maintenance, which greatly reduced the production costs.
  4. Easy to adapt and flexible to collocate with other machine

The tacnology data

Y Series Mobile Cone Crushing Plant
Model Car Body Vibrating Screen Crusher Belt Conveyor (standard configuration) Engine (Optional) Overall dimension (mm)
Model Feeding Size (mm) Power (kw) Model Feeding Size (mm) Size(m) Power (kw)
Y3S1848CS75 Two-Spindle 3YK1848 ≤400 4-18.5 36(3′) 6-75 B800×7.5 200 13050×2830×4350
Y3S1860CS160 Three-Spindle 3YK1860 ≤400 4-22 51(4.25′) 6-160/185 B800×8.5 500 14300×2830×4380
Y3S1860HP220 Three-Spindle 3YK1860 ≤400 4-22 HPC220 4-220 B800×8.5 550 14300×2830×4380
Y3S2160HP220 Three-Spindle 3YK2160 ≤400 4-30 HPC220 4-220 B1000×8.5 550 14300×3150×4380

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