Quarry Crusher

When you ask the history of quarry crusher, it needs to have a good recognition with the timeline. In ancient times, people crush materials with the simple device. With the technology development, it needs more advanced machines to break and crush materials. In 1806, there appears the roller quarry crusher machine driven by the steam engine.

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International History and Development of Quarry Crusher

In 1858, there was a big development for the crusher machine. E.W. Blake from America developed the jaw crusher machine which was used to break the rocks. In 1878, a person from United States develops the gyratory crusher which has continuous crushing action. Its working efficiency is higher than the intermittent movement jaw crusher machine. In 1895, William from United States develops the low energy consumption impact crusher.

The first jaw crusher machine can be used in coarse crushing works and it also can be used in medium and fine crushing works. Till the 1980s, the large scale jaw crusher machine can process materials with 800tph and it can process materials under 1800mm. In the 1990s, the quarry crusher industry is constantly evolving and its technology has made the improvement in production, energy conservation and has a great progress. Due to the economic development needs, the crusher industry is also growing.

Crusher Machine Development in China

In China, the engineers begin to produce the compound pendulum jaw crusher. It can improve the jaw crusher machine efficiency and working capacity. At present, the most widely used jaw crusher machine is also the compound pendulum jaw crusher. To the last century 50's, there appears the real crusher machine. So, the crusher and screening machine are made in 1950s. To the last 80s, the KHD type cone crusher machine fills the cone crusher machine development.

Quarry Crusher Types in the Development History

From the quarry crusher machine development history, you can find that it is changed and improved from jaw crusher to impact crusher, cone crusher, and VSI crusher and so on. For different crusher type, you can find the straightforward introduction of its history and development trend in this website. From these crusher machines’ history, it is very useful for your knowledge of rock crushing equipment.